Thursday, January 31, 2013

Travel and Streets photos(Philippines Vacation trip)

The following series of photos were taken during my vacation trip to Cebu and Dumaguete City, Philippines. These are random photos i took whenever got a nice view and timing. For street photography, it is one of the most difficult to execute and to get some decent framed shots, you kinda do sometimes ala paparazzi style to take photos, because not all people liked to be photographed and few even have some violent reactions. Landscape photography is very fun to do and you have all the time to perform it. You just have to use your creativity to make a nice composition. Do enjoy and pls click the Like to FB button. Thanks.

This is a cargo barge i took inside our boat when we're going to Dumaguete
a view from the nose of the cargo vessel

Dumaguete City Cathedral Church

The Bell Tower of the church

A vintage looking image, i tried to processed using photoshop
the vintage ice cream vending cart

Silliman University Church, originally built in 1899 (aka Dumaguete Presbyterian Church), i still remember those days during our Religion class where we were obligingly join the mass, just to get good grades of course. By the way, to be straightforward Presbyterian is different from a Catholic church, google it to know more.
The Portals Of Silliman University, you can see these portals at the entrance of the school from downtown area
Robinson's mall

I took this shot inside the mall, actually just after i took the shot a security guard approached me not to take photographs, i just replied ok fine, hehe.

Candle vendors below the bell tower of the Cathedral church
are you a pro or anti mendicancy??
like it where it is on my legs
soaking in under the morning sun

Ayala Center Cebu mall

just minutes before sunrise i took this shot, what i like is the mix of blue and orange skies

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